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for body & soul

Experience the transformative power of the Quantum SoundHealing concept and tap into the cosmic rhythm of transformation.


Raphael Bexx - Sound Healing Artist

Raphael is a maestro of both music and math and a curious researcher of the quantum field. With a diploma in mathematics and a rich background in music production, he masterfully fuses his understanding of frequencies with sound's artistry. Passionate about crafting healing sounds, Raphael's compositions bridge melody with math, turning resonance into a remedy. Immerse yourself in a world where every note becomes a quantum leap toward transformation.

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Quantum SoundHealing

The universe sings in numbers, and healing frequencies are its harmonious notes. Ancient cultures recognized the power of specific tones and rhythms to resonate with our body's energies, bringing about healing, relaxation, and balance. Through the lens of mathematics, we can unearth deeper layers of this sonic magic. Consider Nikola Tesla's assertion that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold the keys to the universe; it's not a stretch to see how mathematical patterns can interweave with healing sounds. The Quantum SoundHealing Concept not only creates a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul, but also helps waking up sleeping DNA potentials, releasing past traumas and activating the pineal gland.

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SoundHealing Products

Explore products infused with the Quantum SoundHealing Concept, co-created with renowned Quantum Mindshift Trainer, Dr. Roy Martina.


Free Your Mind

Online Course

Break free from scarcity programming, heal your money wounds and connect with your golden timeline.

Quantum Awakening

Personalized Meditations

Discover the power of personalized meditations & receive a channeled message by Dr. Roy Martina that speaks directly to your soul. 

Gems of Abundance

FREE SoundHealing

Connect with the frequencies of 16 different gemstones. Use the Quantum SoundHealing tracks on your path to abundance.

Dr. Roy Martina

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Dr. Roy Martina is more than a holistic medical expert; he is a testament to the boundless possibilities of human potential. Having healed thousands of patients, he developed several holistic healing systems. But he is also a World Champion in martial arts, a Master Trainer for success and abundance, and a bestselling author, having written over 88 books, each one adding to the vast ocean of knowledge he imparts. It's this comprehensive expertise and unwavering support from Roy that are the foundations for the transformative Quantum SoundHealing concept.

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“Through the dance of mathematics and melody, music becomes the universe's formula for healing the soul.”


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Quantum Awakening


Experience the magic for FREE!

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